Seven Things I learned about Aspergers

Aspergers has only been identified for about 20 years.  There are common symptoms that create the labeling of Aspergers.  Some of those symptoms are:  learning disabilities, anxiety, frustration, anger, social challenge, and compulsive behavior.  Aspergers children are often very bright children.  I find that making them well rounded mentally and emotionally is the key to reversing the symptoms.

Here are the things I learned:

  1. Intuitively, I sense that each child has their own unique causes physically and emotionally, even though the symptoms are very similar.
  2. In one case, a severely anxious child with speech issues improved dramatically with kidney remedies.
  3. Another child with high stress, trouble sleeping, and poor learning, was healed by specific dietary modifications and remedies for intestinal absorption.
  4. One child was having trouble with the brain receiving and using oxygen.  Again improved by the remedies made for those functions.
  5. A high achiever disconnected socially and frustrated was helped with brain and emotional remedies.
  6. The main thing I learned from Aspergers is that each child’s cause is simple to determine intuitively.  Vibrational Medicine created long lasting results for the emotions as well as brain functions.
  7. Many adults suffer from the same symptoms.  Vibrational Medicine is just as effective for them.  The issues and results apply to everyone of all ages.

In each case, dramatic improvement was achieved by the intuitively determined Vibrational Medicine I created over 2 or 3 appointments.  One bottle of the Vibrational Medicine remedy is designed to be needed once for permanent results.