Kathy Walker creates personalized vibrational remedies according to the symptoms presented by each person and may include issues on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels for the complete cause of any issue.

Personalized Vibrational remedies are created using the principles of radionics. Each remedy contains the vibration or energy imprint of numerous natural components that are required to restore harmony to the body. The Personalized Vibrational remedies created by Kathy Walker are homeopathic blended formulas. In the strictest sense a homeopathic remedy is usually a single, classical formula that is available in various strengths.

In contrast, personalized vibrational formulas are blended vibrations available in only one strength. The value of a blended formula is that inherited causes or miasms can be combined with current environmental contaminants, such as viruses, bacterias, toxins, etc., to develop a remedy geared to a specific disease or symptom.

The above section describes the physical level component contained in the remedies. The remedies are also tuned into the emotional, mental and spiritual levels if required for that situation for that person. The remedy names are sometimes the same as the name of the disease or symptom, such as: Glaucoma, Aplastic Anemia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

There are so many ailments for which remedies have been created that Kathy is in the process of writing a manual to understand symptoms and what their actual causes are.

To learn more about personalized vibrational remedies, read some of Kathy’s success stories or browse the frequently asked questions.

Intuitive Regresssion is a healing technique accessing moments in this life and other lifetimes to heal the emotional, mental and spiritual cause(s) of issues.  It is determined through the healing process if and when Intuitive Regression is needed.  It always creates a deeper level of healing.