I suffered from mild depression for years. In my early 50s, my symptoms became severe for a number of reasons including workplace depression and serious health problems.

My emotions stopped me from enjoying anything in life. I had trouble being alone and was extremely challenged with basic activities of daily living.

There was nothing I wanted to do and the depression became so severe that I ended up on antidepressants and tranquilizers. As much as I was functioning better with these drugs, I did not feel comfortable with the side effects and I was looking for a better solution to my various health problems.

Kathy Walker and I worked together with Vibrational Remedies and regression therapy to heal me. I saw Kathy once a month and over a period of 4 months while I was still under my doctor’s care, I was able to eliminate my need for the antidepressants and the tranquilizers. Three years later I am still drug free.

I have become independent and successful once again. Life is filled with a variety of activities that I have a great interest in and I am able to take on a leadership role in my community. I have been able to resume an active part in my close family relationships and be there for my family when they need me. My life is better than it ever has been and depression is now part of my past and out of my present life.

The healing process that I experienced under Kathy Walker’s care is truly amazing. She really does work with you to identify and reverse the root cause of your illness. Her remedies really work and she is an exceptional healer.

I have my life back thanks to Kathy Walker.”



“Kathy’s patients are the first to confirm her striking ability to intuitively diagnose the root causes of illness- and in many cases, reveal that emotional issues are the culprit.”

“Patients find that Kathy radiates a sense of compassion and hope. She is also extremely knowledgeable about illness and healing and very serious about getting down to brass tacks.”

“Vibrational remedies are created using the principles of radionics. Each remedy contains the vibration or energy imprint of numerous natural components that are required to restore harmony to the body.”


“My name is Hamish. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at age 10. I had symptoms for the first 2 years and then went into remission.

In the past year things have flared up, I had nausea, stomach cramps, lack of appetite and frequent bowel movements: day and night about 15-20 times in 24 hours. My optimal weight for my body is around 160 lbs., I was down to 125 lbs., so tired and symptomatic I could not go to school. Prednisone and Remicade have helped to decrease symptoms without removing the disease.

I started working with Kathy Walker in September, 2011. After just the first dosage of the remedies my appetite returned. Right away I made a bowl of tuna salad and ate the whole thing! (This was more then I had eaten in two days and I ate it in one meal.) Kathy explained how the remedies worked to reverse the first layer cause of the symptoms and disease process affecting my intestines. It was interesting to see what areas of the body were and were not affected based on her intuitive psychometric testing.

After three weeks on the remedies my bowel movements were not urgent and more spaced out and even formed. I was down to about 8 bowel movements per day from 15. My appetite has returned, nausea left, there is no cramping. I’m sleeping much longer through the night. I have returned to school with more energy and have gained back 20 pounds already.”


Endometriosis (Endometreosis)

“Since my first menstrual cycle at age 14, my period had been a source of extreme discomfort. As the months and years passed, the pain only increased and I had little help from medical doctors. In my late 20’s the pain became unbearable and would start before the bleeding did, continue during my period, and drag on sometimes even after the bleeding had stopped. Having a bowel movement during the time I was menstruating was excruciating.

Along with the pain, I was on a constant rollercoaster of emotions – moody and angry one minute, depressed and devastated the next. As the pain became more and more constant I struggled to take care of my daily obligations and responsibilities. My emotional highs and lows were impacting not only my life, but the lives of the people I loved the most.

In February 2011, a gynaecologist preformed investigative laparoscopic surgery to understand what was causing the intense pain. The results showed one of worst cases of endometriosis he had ever seen. My entire pelvic cavity was frozen in a web of disease. Surgery was necessary but even then the disease could return and I may be left without my reproductive organs – infertile. Things seemed more and more hopeless. The pain had become constant – all day and all night, all month long. Finally I had to stop working and was in bed almost all the time. Life as I knew it was over.

As I searched for an answer I worked intensely with Kathy, doing Vibrational Remedies and emotional healing over a period of several months. Every single time I saw her I was able to see my truth more clearly and began feeling more and more connected to my personal power. I was reclaiming the power that I had so readily given away in the past and learned to release my pain through emotional healing.

Surgery was scheduled for January 2012, almost a full year after my initial diagnosis. While I waited for surgery I continued to work with Kathy and as a result life started to become less painful. After doing healing and remedies with Kathy, I was feeling noticeably better. I felt the constant pain beginning to fade and the dark emotional cloud that had hovered over me for years was clearing. My periods were no longer controlling my life. I was in control. I was finally in my own power again. This was a huge change for me and slowly but surely I was regaining my life and able to take control and change many things about my diet and lifestyle.

After my surgery in January, the doctor confirmed what Kathy and I had known to be true, that my body had healed much of the endometriosis itself. The surgeon was amazed at how much internal healing had happened since my diagnosis a year earlier. My pelvic cavity was less disease than he had anticipated it to be. I did not have to have bowel surgery and I did not loose my ovaries!

Post surgery I continued to do more remedies and emotional work with Kathy. By March 2012, I was having periods with no cramping or other symptoms. I did not need to take anything for pain at all for the first time in my life. For the first time ever I have been able to live my life normally, not controlled by my periods.

Working with Kathy put me in touch with parts of me that I didn’t know existed. I learned how to listen to my body, reclaim my personal power, feel grounded in myself, to hear and speak my own truth, and how to take care of myself properly – mentally and physically. Her remedies were exactly what I needed and month after month of working with her my life changed in ways I didn’t know were possible.”

Katy B


“Kathy Walker has a clear understanding of client evaluation and vibrational healing. She teaches and approaches healing solutions in a thoughtful and direct manner.”

Elbrey Adair Harrell,



Vibrational Remedy Course

“I recommend Kathy’s class to anyone and especially to those who feel a little wobbly using the huge amount of information a client may provide. Not having had much experience, I left her class feeling confident and able to tackle any reading and be thorough. I have tools for where and how to begin. Kathy’s class has been invaluable.”

Andree Neumeister,

Santa Fe, New Mexico


“Kathy presents her material in a comprehensive way and organizes the extensive client evaluation information to make it accessible. I learned several practical concepts that I now use every day in my life. I wouldn’t be without Kathy’s course.”

Nancy Haupt,

Ontario, Canada