Vibrational Healing Success Stories

These examples are not meant to be exhaustive. They are a collection of vibrational healing success stories demonstrating the types of diseases and conditions for which Kathy Walker currently creates vibrational healing remedies.

Menstrual Cramping

Many women have come to Kathy for help because of lifelong Menstrual Cramping. There are many ways to find a solution: diet and lifestyle play a role, and emotions and stress are usually issues. On the remedy level, Kathy checks the energy of the hormonal system organs, especially adrenals, then checks the specific energy of each ovary, the cervix, uterus and fallopian tubes. Low energy in any one or more of these areas usually indicates a physical problem or energy block, and is often the cause of the cramping. Once remedies are determined and taken, the relief usually occurs within 2 months.


For clients who come to Kathy with Headaches, she is often able to resolve the underlying issues after testing and one phase of remedy treatments. The specific area of the head that the headache occurs can be a major clue as to cause. For example, a headache that goes up the back of the neck, and then to the sides of the head, is usually caused by trouble in the gallbladder. The time of day, time of month, and time of year are also clues. Headaches are often a brain symptom that could relate to chemical residues, radiation exposure, lumps or bumps, or inherited weaknesses. Other organs could be involved like the gallbladder. Other systems may need to be balanced to move the energy out of the body, for example, nerves, circulation, or spinal flow. Rare complications like depression can also be related. Kathy has solved many people’s headaches.

Bone Pain

A woman in her 70’s asked Kathy to help her with her joint and body pain. She had pain in the upper and lower spine, low back, sacrum, hip joints and down the back of both legs.

She wanted to be able to get around without pain and maintain her independence. Within 3 months, her pain in many areas was much less and her energy level was much better than it had been for over 20 years.

At the 3-month point, newer remedies were added for the areas still causing limitations. There were 2 or 3 areas that needed an additional remedy because several issues were combining in an area of pain.

She is now finished the bone remedies and has had no bone pain for over 2 years. She has been able to stay living on her own in her own home independently.

Compound Complaints

Often people come in with several major issues. One client complained of lymphatic leukemia, bladder pain, fatigue, and extreme pain at the time of bowel movements. Kathy recommended approximately several remedies right away. Some of the bladder pain was less that night. In 2 weeks, this client was like a new person, according to her daughter. The leukemia remedies had greatly improved her energy, the constant bladder pain was completely gone, and the bowel movements were much less painful.

Frozen Shoulder

Kathy has treated many people successfully who have complained of shoulder pain and/or frozen shoulder syndrome. Many issues that affect the heart show up as shoulder issues. The heart meridian travels up the torso, under the shoulder and down the arm to the hand. Treating the heart for shoulder issues is a very effective treatment for not only shoulder issues but also some elbow and wrist issues. Kathy intuitively determines the organ cause of the disorder, then makes a remedy for that person for that particular cause. Many shoulder issues lasting years have been permanently turned around in days or weeks by treating the cause.


Some people have suffered the effects of a cough that has been present for months or years. Initially diet is checked for foods that weaken the lungs as well as foods that need to be added to strengthen the lungs. Emotional issues may be lingering here and remedies are often made.

A client was visiting Canada and came to see me with a cough he had had for years. The whites of his eyes were grey—indicating his lungs had been weak for years. He confirmed that he had pain all through his back when he lies on his back—a symptom of pneumonia. As he did some emotional healing with Kathy it was determined that his mindset was that “nobody helps me, I have to do everything by myself”. A typical thought for someone who is depressed.

After the emotional healing and understanding on his part, the remedy worked within 2 days. The back pain and cough had disappeared.

Childrens’ Illnesses

Many children go through the first few years of their life on many medicines and suffering from several recurring infections.

In these situations, Kathy develops remedies geared towards the deficiencies in the child’s immune system: bone, blood, and related systems. Any emotional cause is healed like birth trauma. Often after a few days the chronic infections disappear and the child gets stronger and stronger.

Std’s: Genital Herpes & Other Sexually Transmitted Issues

There have been very effective long term results (several years now for some) when both partners are treated. The issue usually lies in the nerves and spine.

Skin Issues

Results lasting years for blemishes/acne, rashes, psoriasis, hives, etc. The cause is often in the blood components.

Pale Skin

Darker skin has been achieved for many people year round. Kathy has determined a way to strengthen the skin and blood. In some cases the skin could not be exposed to any sunlight without using sunscreen for every minute of sun exposure. Without sunscreen, these people would burn within minutes. A few days later the skin would return to their pasty white colour. Once the blood and skin are strengthened, the skin colour is darker even without exposure to the sun.


Working with diet, lifestyle and remedies for the brain and spine, many cases of depression have been successfully reversed.

An 18 year old boy usually very outgoing, became too depressed to go to school. He was treated for a block in the flow in the spine caused by Dengue Fever. He also had severe back pain, the other name for this issue is break back fever (causing severe pain along the spine). He had had the pain for years. When asked if the family had traveled to the tropics at any time, they said they had gone for holidays a few years before. He had been sick with the flu when they returned. When the flu symptoms subsided, the fever stayed in the spine causing pain and a block in flow to the brain.

Any block in the brain or to the brain in the spine can cause depression. His depression left by taking the remedy made for him and as a bonus his marks improved dramatically. He wasn’t working harder at school work but remembered everything very easily now.

Poor Memory

When working on memory, the brain, spine and nerve connections are checked.

Often people don’t know when they are not remembering. When you are driving and you check your blind spot, you may not be conscious of what you just saw or that you even looked. You may have seen a car, the information didn’t register, and you changed lanes anyway. The other driver could swerve away and honk, and you would wonder what they were upset about. This can be very dangerous. Another passenger in your car may have seen what you did and was alarmed at your actions. It can be very hard to convince someone what you see that they are not conscious of. People with memory issues can be quite angry at odd times.

One person said their parent died of Shy Drager Syndrome. They were having the symptoms explained above plus weight loss and muscle wasting. The symptoms fit the parent’s disease but they still didn’t want to take remedies for it and didn’t believe that they had any issues.

After some convincing from their partner they finally took the remedies (the parent’s disease was fatal and quite debilitating). The disease left his spine, brain and nerves. He could remember and drive better. The muscle wasting and weight issues left. The person may still not admit they are better off!


One person’s stye got to the point that medicines didn’t help and surgery was recommended. Kathy treated the underlying cause in the gallbladder and got 100 per cent results and the stye never returned.

Kidney Dialysis

In spite of one client being on Kidney dialysis 3 days a week for 5 hours at a time, they had persistent symptoms. They were angry, their foot was extremely swollen and they had no appetite.

Kathy recommended a remedy to reverse kidney disease. In only one week everything got better. They were happy, the foot swelling was gone, and the appetite returned. A year later his back pain was completely reversed by rebuilding the circulation to the kidneys and adrenals.


A woman in her early 20’s had been recommended to get a hysterectomy by her doctor due to severe menstral cramping. She was successfully treated for a cyst on her ovary. The pain left within 2 months. We also did emotional healing about her relationship and her career.

Hyper Thyroid

A client in their 60’s came to see Kathy to work on her hyper thyroid. Her diet, lifestyle, bone and blood strength were all treated as well as the thyroid. When all the areas were corrected as needed, the thyroid didn’t have so much work to do on its own. Within 6 weeks, the TSH, T4, and T3 levels all returned to normal range. After 3 months, many of her systems returned to normal and the remedies were completed. The thyroid numbers remain in the normal range to this day with no further need for thyroid remedies, supplements or medicines.

Sleep Issues

Adrenaline is the major cause of insomnia. Most people don’t know when they are on adrenaline. There are many causes of adrenaline and many ways this issue needs to be addressed. Food, emotional healing and remedies have all played a role in Kathy’s success with many cases of insomnia.

Kathy’s Unique Approach

Kathy’s unique approach to natural healing allows her to address multiple symptoms in the first saliva sample testing. Many different symptoms can be resolved through the first phase of remedy treatments. The remedies work well taken together and the body can easily utilize the remedies if it is strong enough. The body may be strengthened by eating animal protein 2 – 3 times per day. People avoiding animal protein do not tend to get the same level of positive results from the remedies.

The approach Kathy uses is to treat the cause of the issue instead of supplementing where there is a deficiency. The remedies are able to assist the body in assimilation of the deficient nutrient. Unlike treatment with supplements, where you must continue to take them, the remedies are only needed for several months and then the body is able to assimilate without any further treatment.

Specific degenerative diseases that have been reversed:

    – Asthma
    – Arthritis
    – Cancers
    – Crohn’s Disease
    – Depression
    – Dementia/Alzheimer’s
    – Genital Herpes
    – Interstitial Cystitis
    – Leukemia
    – Macular Degeneration
    – Osteoporosis
    – Scleroderma
    – Shy Dragger Syndrome
    – Tourette’s
    – Wegner’s Granulomatosis

Ailments Reversed

    – Anemia
    – Allergies
    – Back Pain
    – Candida
    – Chronic Fatigue
    – Cold Hands & Feet
    – Chest Pains
    – Digestive upsets: diarrhea, cramping, indigestion
    – Environmental Sensitivity
    – Endometriosis
    – Glaucoma
    – Gout
    – High Cholesterol
    – High Blood Pressure
    – Hemorrhoids
    – Headaches
    – Incontinence
    – Joint Pain
    – Lymes Disease
    – Menstrual Cramps
    – Menopausal Symptoms
    – Pneumonia
    – Shingles
    – Swallowing Problems
    – Skin Rashes, Eczema, Psoriasis
    – Tumors/Cysts
    – Varicose Veins