About Kathy Walker

Hom. Homeopath | Natural healer
Intuitive Healing with Vibrational Therapy

Kathy Walker -Natural Healer - PorrtaitKathy is a natural healer specializing in vibrational medicine and the creation of individual vibrational formulas.  She is a Natural healer and has studied nutrition, homeopathy, and vibrational healing extensively.  Her twenty years of clinical experience, combined with her many years as a seminar leader help her to create practical, powerful classroom experiences.

Kathy is known for her ability to intuitively identify and heal the causes of physical issues using a combination of psycho-spiritual healing techniques with individualized vibrational formulas.  In her programs she is able to transfer her knowledge and teaching skills to allow participants to develop as successful natural healers. Read Kathy’s bio here…

To set up a personal consultation with Kathy or to inquire about her seminars and/or personalized vibrational remedies, please contact:

Kathy Walker– Natural Healer
Eglinton Avenue East & Don Valley Parkway
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4A 1N6