Kathy Walker - Vibrational HealerKathy Walker, Doctor of Natural Medicine, has made it her life’s work to heal others. For 20 years, she has been engaged in a continuous process of mastering intuitive healing techniques, prescribing remedies customized to the precise needs of each patient, and sharing an amassing wealth of knowledge with other healing professionals. Because of her relentless commitment to providing patients with the most effective possible treatment, her healing techniques are at the cutting edge of North American alternative medicine.

A transformational experience has been shared by the many hundreds of patients treated by Kathy over the years. No matter what malady they presented with, patients past and present describe Kathy’s approach in common terms: that she radiates a sense of compassion and hope, but is very serious about prescribing fast and accurate remedies and “getting down to brass tacks.” That she is inspirational, making one feel uplifted and determined to heal. That she considers the whole person – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – while seeking the root causes of illness and disease. And finally, that she is extremely knowledgeable about illness and healing, and absolutely tenacious about making patients better.

Early in life, difficult family experiences led Kathy to intuitively understand that illness and disease are cured not by chasing symptoms, but by healing root causes that exist in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual selves.

As these dimensions are different in all people, so are the root causes of people’s health issues. So when it comes to prescribing treatment, Kathy creates a unique remedy for each patient, precisely custom-made for their particular root cause. Each of 10 different patients with stomach pain, for example, will receive a different, affordable remedy fitted exclusively for their circumstances.

In contrast, some healers take a “remedy in-a-box” approach, applying the same remedy to each case of stomach pain they see. And in many cases, these remedies involve myriad supplements that are complex to administer and may be costly.

When Kathy was in her 20’s, both of her parents died. Her father, Mike, suffered from steadily deteriorating health and was denied life insurance coverage while in his 50’s. Kathy’s mother Ruth also had several chronic health issues and was compelled to try many alternative therapies – including supplements, teas, chiropractic, biofeedback and experimentation with diet.

In the most visceral terms, Kathy came to understand that good health was precious, and that some regimens worked better than others. She also witnessed the negative impact on the family of certain prohibitively expensive therapies – and realized that these costs were needlessly high. These insights marked the start of Kathy’s lifelong dedication to learning that is the basis of her ever-improving capacity to heal at an affordable cost to patients.

But the most important lesson learned from her parents’ experiences was that emotions profoundly affect physical well-being. Mike and Ruth were hardworking people whose work-related stress negatively affected their health.
As Kathy puts it, “My parents didn’t really enjoy their lives. They made their work more stressful than it had to be, and I saw how it affected their physical health. That’s when I realized that health comes from how we feel about ourselves and the lives we choose to create.”

These very personal experiences led Kathy to pursue, and continue to this day, formal and practical education throughout the United States, Canada and Japan. In addition to being a Doctor of Natural Medicine, Kathy is a Reiki Master and Certified Biofeedback Technician. She leads workshops on channelling, regression, visual diagnosis and Five Element Theory. She consults on diet, environmental issues, and the inherited causes of ill health and has lectured at the Centre of International Holistic Studies and the East West Centre in Toronto. She shares the success of her private practice with other healers by coaching and training them in intuitive skills and building practices of their own.

“I told her she was my last chance.”

After 18 years of experience, Kathy’s formative years continue to guide her approach to healing. Her patients are the first to confirm her striking ability to intuitively diagnose the root causes of illness – and in many cases, reveal that emotional issues are the culprit. Mark, a recent patient, suffered from heart arrhythmia and had been taking medication, in increasing amounts, for five years. Then doctors recommended either high-risk surgery or new medication with possibly serious side-effects.

Deeply concerned about either route, Mark sought out Kathy and, as he relates, “Told her she was my last chance.” Like all of Kathy’s patients, this gentleman found Kathy to be insightful, deeply empathetic and a wonderful listener. Whereas doctors were interested only in treating symptoms, Kathy found that the “heart” of the issue was past emotional trauma. Instead of prescribing a one-size-fits-all treatment, Kathy created a remedy specifically designed for Mark’s individual circumstances.

The result? Mark hasn’t taken any medication in several months and counting – and he feels better than he ever did on the drugs. He stills sees Kathy from time to time, continuing what he calls his “fascinating journey” with her.

Susan, a current patient, can relate as well as anyone to Mark’s journey. In and out of hospital since 1998 with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Susan suffered nerve damage to her weakened immune system. She was confined to a wheelchair when she first contacted Kathy. Susan recalls that Kathy’s spirited determination – she said to Susan, “I will move mountains for you” – was wonderfully uplifting.

Sure enough, with the help of Kathy’s remedies and emotional healing, Susan was soon out of her wheelchair and using a walker, as Kathy had predicted. Wonderfully uplifting, indeed.

Kathy provides one-on-one coaching to individuals and healing practitioners to facilitate their development of intuitive and technical skills. All of her seminar and training programs are geared towards self-empowerment and practical training. You can contact Kathy at her home office in Toronto, Ontario by calling 416-285-8759.