Frequently Asked
Natural Healing Questions

1. What is the difference between Kathy’s system of healing and other methods?
Kathy’s system of natural healing is based on strengthening the body’s own natural ability for health recovery, focusing on rebuilding of the immune system, strengthening the blood and bones, reversing the effects of inherited diseases (through clearing of miasms), and on healing dis-ease on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

2. What is so important about strengthening the bones and blood?
For anyone interested in long-term health this is the place to start. Bone strength is critical in developing a strong immune system. The major ingredient the body uses to create blood is bone marrow. Strong bones create strong blood. Most people’s blood quality may improve through strengthening the bones.

3. How do you know which remedies a client needs even when they are not aware of the cause of the symptoms?
Each person is tested in 42 different body strength areas (or organ systems), e.g. bones, blood, adrenals, lungs, liver, etc. For each area that is low in energy a remedy or series of remedies are chosen and then tested to determine whether they will strengthen that organ system, e.g. if the symptom was chest pains a heart muscle remedy may test to strengthen the heart muscle. Using the example of chest pains, experience has shown that symptoms can relate to one or more organ systems, e.g. heart muscle, bronchi, lungs, arteries and veins, blood quality or a cyst growing near the heart causing pressure. All these systems are checked to determine any which are involved in causing the symptoms.

4. How long will I need to take the vibrational remedies?
For inherited weaknesses most remedies take six or eight weeks to complete, when taken 3 times per day. The symptoms may be alleviated within the first 2 weeks on the remedies. These are estimates only as every body is different.

5. What if a symptom or illness is not listed on this Web site – can you still help me?
Not all ailments for which Kathy has vibrational remedies are listed on the Web site. Every person has their own unique blend of symptoms and therefore no two people will require the same remedies. Remedies are made specifically for each person, their symptoms and their cause. If you are unsure about whether there may be a remedy that will help you please call ahead before sending your information: 416-285-8759.

Medical Disclaimer:
The consultation is not meant to take the place of medical diagnosis. As in all cases of ill health please consult a medical practitioner for diagnosis.

Please contact Kathy directly if you have other natural healing questions you have not found answers to here.