Here are some tips to create and maintain a healthy brain on your own:

  • maintain a healthy diet emphasizing protein and vegetables
  • listen to music
  • exercise regularly, walk daily
  • make positive social connections
  • express gratitude for every aspect of your life
  • relax and meditate
  • strive to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night
  • have a positive attitude
  • be interested in learning
  • some brain oriented supplements to try:
    • ginko biloba (to stimulate)
    • fish oil (to feed the nerves)
    • Gaba (to relax the brain)

Total Recovery Brain





Nervous System Type Comparison

Parasympathetic Dominant Sympathetic Dominant
(PD) (SD)
General demeanor calm, relaxed, can sit for long periods of time, which can lead to sedentary lifestyle always thinking, overthinking can turn minor stress into anxiety
Blood chemistry acidic alkaline
Body balancing exercise needs aerobic movement helpful to stimulate circulation yoga is good to balance and relax both body and mind
Diet choices-
animal protein eggs, fish, poultry eggs, fish, poultry
red meat yes, ~ once a week no, not at all
vegetables yes yes
fruits yes occasionally, preferably apples or berries
Coffee? Caffeine? okay – activates brain, acidity fine for blood no – this and other stimulants may seriously impede ability to sleep
Sleep tendencies comes easily most of the time, but adrenaline due to deficiency in animal protein intake can cause sleeplessness can be a struggle both to get to sleep and stay asleep; brain activity must be slowed through relaxation long before time to sleep
Sleep aid protein powder magnesium may help as sleep aid

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  1. Hi Kathy,
    Great list and great points – each of which can make an enormous difference to brain health. Having seen two older relatives succumb to dementia and Alzheimer’s largely because of their lifestyle habits, I would add a couple of things to your list:
    – avoid chemical toxins especially in laundry, cleaning and personal care products
    – rebalance your gut flora with probiotics, cultured foods and kombucha. The gut has a huge impact on the brain.

    Interesting story in your email – thanks for sharing it.


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