Kathy - conducting trainingKathy conducts an annual seminar series in Canada on visual diagnosis, Hanna Kroeger’s seven causes of ill health and personalized vibrational remedy testing methods. Her programs are designed for individuals and practitioners who have undergone testing for personalized vibrational remedies and are ready to go to the next stage of responsibility for their own health.

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Seminars For Individuals

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What Clients Say About Kathy Walker’s Seminars…

“Kathy Walker has a clear understanding of client evaluation and vibrational healing. She teaches and approaches healing solutions in a thoughtful and direct manner.”

Elbrey Adair Harrell, Chicago

“Kathy presents her material in a comprehensive way and organizes the extensive client evaluation information to make it accessible. I learned several practical concepts that I now use every day in my life. I wouldn’t be without Kathy’s course.”

Nancy Haupt, Ontario, Canada

“I recommend Kathy’s class to anyone, and especially to those who feel a little wobbly using the huge amount of information a client may provide. Not having had much previous experience I left her class feeling confident and able to tackle any reading and be thorough. I have tools for where and how to begin. Kathy’s class has been invaluable.”

Andree Neumeister, Santa Fe, New Mexico