Specializing in Personalized Vibrational Remedies

Kathy Walker has studied natural health, visual diagnosis, environmental sensitivities, diet, and inherited disease patterns for the last 17 years in Canada, Germany, and the U.S.A. She is a trained natural healer and has studied with Hanna Kroeger, the Kushi Institute, and David Alan Slater, the originator of Healers Who Share vibrational remedies.

Kathy provides personal consulations to evaluate the overall health of each client and prescribe detailed recommendations for health and lifestyle modifications utilizing Personal Vibrational Remedies and Intuitive Regression.

Intuitive Regresssion is a healing technique accessing moments in this life and other lifetimes to heal the emotional, mental and spiritual cause(s) of issues. It is determined through the healing process if and when Intuitive Regression is needed. It always creates a deeper level of healing.

Kathy also delivers comprehensive seminars and one-on-one coaching to healing practitioners to facilitate their development of client evaluations. For more information on Kathy’s natural health services, please contact Kathy 1-416-285-8759 or e-mail kathy @askkathywalker.com.



Breakfast video from Kathy Walker -Breakfast on Vimeo.