Developing Client Evaluation Skills

This seminar series is designed to support practitioners in developing the specific skills to test, evaluate, treat and coach clients using Personalized Vibrational Remedies. The information covered will be helpful for anyone wanting a more efficient way to evaluate and treat clients. You will be provided with numerous handouts, examples and case studies with follow-up discussion.

The course will include instruction in:

  • Step-by-step procedures to follow to analyze your client’s symptoms and ensure that you are covering the fundamental issues that will help them improve their health;
  • Using the Personalized Vibrational Remedy testing information in a logical and efficient way through the use of flowcharts and guides which simplify the testing procedures;
  • Building your awareness of your own intuitive powers in identifying and solving the issues which are key for yourself or your clients;
  • Becoming self-sufficient in understanding and improving your own health. See detailed outline below.

The Pendulum – How To Make It Work For You As A Health Practitioner

Get past your blocks and develop confidence in your intuition as you learn to make the pendulum your most effective client assessment tool. Learn how to integrate this discernment tool into your healing practice.

You will learn basic and advanced techniques for using the pendulum and biomagnetic devices to:

  • assess body and organ strength,
  • test for severity of symptoms,
  • develop a comprehensive treatment program.

Assessing Your Clients – Using body signs & a List of Symptoms

Develop your ability to quickly tune into the priorities for healing.

Learn to:

  • use visual diagnosis to identify areas of strength and weakness,
  • understand how symptoms and visual cues relate to physical disease to more accurately assess client needs,
  • access and trust your intuition.

Developing Treatment Programs Using Personalized Vibrational Remedies

  • The Basic Systems: blood, bones, kidneys and lymphatic system
  • Specific Diseases and Difficult Cases

Next seminar dates to be determined.

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“Once you know how to use this program to check critical systems, the symptoms, and to develop a whole picture of your clients, you will have the basic tools to turn the most “difficult” cases into doable cases. Your confidence will increase and you will attract the people that will benefit the most from your healing abilities.”

– Kathy Walker