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Kathy Walker, DNM, Doctor of Natural Medicine

Kathy is a natural healer specializing in vibrational medicine and the creation of individual vibrational formulas.  She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and has studied nutrition, homeopathy, and vibrational healing extensively.  Her twenty years of clinical experience, combined with her many years as a seminar leader help her to create practical, powerful classroom experiences.

Kathy is known for her ability to intuitively identify and heal the causes of physical issues using a combination of psycho-spiritual healing techniques with individualized vibrational formulas.  In her programs she is able to transfer her knowledge and teaching skills to allow participants to develop as successful healers.


This ten-month program teaches how to use fundamental vibrational healing techniques and intuition to assess and treat physical and psycho-spiritual issues through the creation of treatment programs utilizing personalized vibrational formulas.  Upon successful completion of case studies and an exam the graduate will receive Certification in Vibrational Medicine.

Course Outline


Certificate in Vibrational Medicine




  • Full attendance at all course sessions or completion of a makeup appointment
  • Completion of required reading assignments
  • Satisfactory completion of case studies
  • A passing grade on the final examination

Certificates will be issued separately for completion of Reiki Levels I- II and for the full program.

Marks will be based on demonstrated understanding of classroom teachings, participation, and demonstrated competency in creating and using vibrational formulas.


Call Today to Register – 416.285.8759

Courses are offered on a Part Time Basis

One weekend per month for 10 months

Classes beginning September 2013



Certificate in Vibrational Medicine — 4 Comments

  1. Our kid was identified as having Asperger’s syndrome and also ADHD. The physician indicated that he doesn’t have social skills, and yet this doesn’t make any sense with me since when ever he is with his grandparents and a few pals, he really acts fairly natural. Shouldn’t this kind of suggest that he really does possess the social skills and for some reason does not use them in some other places for whatever reason..

    • If you would you like to speak with me directly, please feel free to contact me at 416-285-8759

  2. Hi Kathy, Its Michele McCreary I was wondering what was the cost of this course. And where is the course at. I am from Wallaceburg, Ontario. and is there motels around the area at a fair price. Is there a train station or bus depot close by, Thanks let me know, Only because I don’t drive long distances,and I will be coming by myself.

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